Hot For The Teacher

Hot For The Teacher

Co-Author: Bella Rosso

Publisher: Wicked Ink Press

Release Date: November 29th 2012

Heat: Sweet/Erotic

After a bitter divorce three years earlier, Dyani Delacroix focuses all her energy into her job. She hides her disappointment in a failed relationship under the guise of a trusted leader — a Professor at the local college. Her plan works brilliantly until she notices her star pupil Caleb Tegner is on the verge of flunking out. Meeting him face to face over her desk sparks a desire she’s not prepared to confront.

Caleb knows he’s considered young. But a man is still a man, and he knows exactly what he wants. One sexy older woman. He doesn’t see a professor, he sees beyond the title of trusted mentor. The obstacle of age is only one of the conflicts he’ll battle to make her his.

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When Caleb got his intructor’s email informing him that they needed to meet, he had smiled to himself. It was about damn time. He had begun to wonder if he had to flunk out of the class in order to get her attention. He had taken every class she taught, had aced them all and nada, zip.

Granted, she had hundreds of students in her lecture courses. But he wanted her to see him outside of the role that made him seem like a panting puppy. At six foot, three inches, with long, dark brown, thick, and wavy hair. Caleb could thank his dark good looks on his Armenian mother. His height and lean, muscular build was blamed on his Swedish father.

The age difference didn’t bother him; in fact, it turned him on. There was something about an older woman. But the only older woman he wanted was thirty-five-year-old Dyani Delacroix. He had no idea how to approach her and for the last four years he had watched and learned. He was older now and had more experience with women. Now was the time. She was going to be his. He could feel it. He arrived at her office door and knocked.




© Nikki Prince, Author

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