Day 15 of 31 Days of Steamy Mocha by MMP

It’s day Fifteen of steamy reads!

Every day for 31 days Mocha Memoirs Press is offering up steamy reads for $1.00 downloads of erotic romance with giveaway prizes each day. Stop on by and pick up some hot reads.  You can also find the titles for day 1 -14!

We have 16 more days to go!  Stop by the website and check out the new read right along with the one’s released at an earlier date.

Blurb: Nikki has high standards and she knows what she wants. She refuses to settle for less, even if it means a lonely life. Fortunately Mark, the owner of her favorite coffee shop, understands what she needs and what she wants better than she realizes.

My title Mocha Kisses is going to be released on 7/16/12!  One more day till Mocha Kisses is out!