12 Days of Xanthus by Shlya Colt 12-20-12

12 Days of Xanthus Looking for a shortie that will get you in the mood for giving, make you fan your face and take you on adventure out of this world? Look no further.

Shyla will be giving away a ecopy of the book to one lucky commenter who comments and leaves their email address!  Good Luck!


Burned out from work and failed relationships, Violet O’Shea is in need of a break. A few weeks at the family cabin seemed like the cure all. Until a tan warrior built like a Viking crash lands his spaceship and ends up on her front porch.

Xanthus has twelve days until his slave bands become inactive and freedom is gained from the Amazon queen he serves. After a life of being used for the pheromones that incite sexual pleasure Xanthus is amazed by the woman committed to helping him. Can he convince her their bond is more than a chemical response?


“Do not be afraid, mistress. I only seek shelter for the next twelve days.”

“Then what happens?” she asked.

“Then the tracking device on my bands will be rendered ineffective.”

He held up his arms and the fire glinted off the black bands.

This is really happening.

She opened her mouth to speak, and a throaty purr came out instead. Horrified by her behavior, she gasped.

“It’s not your fault, Mistress,” Xanthus whispered, his dark eyes sad. Her anxiety skyrocketed.

“It’s the hormones.”

“I don’t care if you’ve got a keen sense of smell, or not, Spock. That’s rude.”

“Not your hormones, Mistress, mine. It’s why the strongest of the Xanths are harvested to mate with the Zenths. Our glands secret something similar to what your people refer to as an aphrodisiac.”

“This cannot be happening,” she whispered. Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead.

“Is it hot in here to you?” she asked.

“Please let me ease the ache, Mistress. It will only continue to worsen until I do.”

“No, no, I’m fine.”

 She gritted her teeth and slowly counted to ten. She sat next to an alien who secreted some super scent that made her want to jump his bones. She licked her suddenly dry lips and whimpered when her nipples hardened and her breast grew heavy. Stiff points pressed against the silky material of her bra, creating a delicious sensation that spiraled through her body. A pulse began at her core and her clitoris filled with blood. She wrapped her fingers around the side of the chair and fought against the impulse to rub her thighs together. Her breath came in pants. Desire became a never ending wave that pounded her body over and over until her panties were soaked with her dew, and her body shook from the effort it took her not to move.

“Please, Mistress. Allow me to relieve the tension. It will only become worse and I never intended to cause you pain.”

She glanced up and fell into the deep, dark pools of his eyes. Her body felt heavy and drugged and she watched him approach her through hungry eyes. She wanted to taste every inch of his golden flesh. He pulled the shotgun from her limp fingers and set it on the ground beside her. Xanthus bent over and placed an arm on either side of her body. She inhaled, dragged his scent deep into her lungs. Her nostrils flared. He smelled like the air just before rain mixed with something exotic and mouth watering. Her hand touched the heated flesh of his chest. When had her hand moved? Violet glanced up at him and her vision blurred. She blinked and found his cheek pressed against her own. He nuzzled at her like a cat. The skin to skin contact kicked her sex drive into warp speed.

She turned her head to the left and captured his lips with her own. Xanthus tasted sinful, full bodied and sweet with a bite. His body tensed and he paused, his lips resting against hers without moving. Perhaps they didn’t kiss on Zenton. She thrust her tongue in between his full lips, determined to show him how kissing worked. Her hands curled and her fingers scraped along his chest. His mouth moved against hers, tentative and awkward. It was sweet in a way. For a brief moment, she wondered what the slaves did on his planet. Then he moaned and rational thought flew out the window when he responded. He went from shy to ravenous as he devoured her like a man lost in the dessert too long at a well. Violet had never felt passion like this. Xanthus hadn’t even touched her anywhere but her lips, and she was literally dripping. Her nectar ran from her pussy down to her upper thighs, soaking her blue jeans. They pulled apart for air and his skin once more caught her gaze. Perfection. She leaned in to lick a path around his pert nipple. The salty taste danced along her palette and she traced a slick path around his chest.

She continued to tease him; each pass she made with her tongue moved closer and closer to his nipple but never actually touched it. His muscles tensed. Sweat formed on his skin and she made her move. She paired a swift pinch of his left nipple with a gentle bite to his right. Xanthus jerked. His face flushed and his breathing grew rough as she persisted with her tongue torture. Violet ran her hands over every inch of his body she could reach, as she learned him and his reactions.

“I wish to pleasure you.” His voice rumbled in his chest. God, how could a man so subservient be so damned alluring at the same time? She’d unleashed an inner Dominatrix she hadn’t known existed. Something about those pheromones he produced loosed all her inhibitions.

“Mmhmm, I like the sound of that. Put a hurting on my pussy, Xanthus.”

A sound more akin to an animal then a man burst free and he leaned forward to take her swollen nipples into his mouth through her shirt and her bra. She sucked in breath between her teeth and arched. The wet heat he provided made her shiver. He sucked and nibbled as his hand massaged her opposite breast. Her fingers itched to hold on to something more than the hard underside of the chair. She freed them, buried them into his thick hair, and purred. The luxurious, silken strands felt heavenly. A shimmer in the air caught her eye. Her jaw fell open when she found herself nude in front of him. He’d put some kind of alien whammy on her clothing! She opened her mouth to protest when his hands stopped working their magic on her bare breast and moved down to spread her thighs wide. He dropped to his knees and dove in between her legs like a swimmer into a pool.

His tongue blazed a path between her wet lips once, twice, and then he flicked her swollen button and drove his stiff tongue into her tight entrance. She screamed as the penetration tossed her into a toe-curling, spine tingling completion. Light burst behind her lids. Her body went spastic as every nerve ending she had fired at one time. When she came to, he still lapped at her pussy. He looked up as if he sensed her eyes on him. His tongue paused in mid lick and he pulled back.

“What did you do to me?” Her voice was as shaky as her body.

“When I’m aroused, my glands secret a chemical that heightens my partner’s arousal.”

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.” The man was literally engineered for sex!

“I’m sorry, Mistress, I don’t understand.”

He shook his head and she focused in on his face. His lips shone with her juices. Heat infused her face. What had she just allowed a complete stranger to do? No. Not just a stranger, an alien. She’d never had an after buzz killed so fast. She crossed her legs and placed her arms over her chest.

“You need to stop calling me Mistress. My name is Violet.”

“You would let me address you by the name given by your birth mates?”

“Yes, you came here to gain your freedom, didn’t you?”

“Yes.” He nodded.

“Then it’s time you stand up and take some of it back. I do not rule you in any way, Xanthus. I’ll help you hide away. I could never sit back and allow anyone to be taken back into slavery. But I have two things to ask. Keep your… body parts-” she gestured with her hand. “-to yourself, and please return my clothes from wherever you zapped them off to.”

He nodded and she felt the light weight of cloth and denim.

“The other wish I will not be able to grant, Mi-”

She glared and he paused.


“Why not?”

“Because you are my Mistress, the connection has already been made; it can’t be taken back, unless I get a new Mistress.”

“Wait! Are you telling me this insatiable need for sexual contact will continue on indefinitely?”

“Yes, but it will lessen and soon the effects will only be felt when it’s time to be intimate.”

She sighed as she placed her hands on her head. “Before we get into this we need to get you something to wear. Maybe it’ll block some of that potent scent you have,” Violet said standing from the couch.

If you want to read more about Xanthus and Violet it will release Saturday the 22nd from Passion in Print Publishing.

You can find out more about Shyla Colt here www.shylacolt.com

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