#ThursThreads Week 277 Winner!

I’d played along with Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads (https://www.siobhanmuir.com/thursthreads-challenge.html), before and won an honorable mention in 2016.  I’d planned to play again well before now but hadn’t been able to until yesterday.  I was tired and wanted to wake up my brain so I decided I’d write a little something.

The rules of the game are (courtesy of Siobhan Muir’s website):

·       This is a Flash Fiction challenge, which means your story must be a minimum of 100 words, maximum of 250.

·       The story must be new writing, not a snippet from something published elsewhere with the prompt added.

·       Incorporate the prompt anywhere into your story (included in your word count).

·       Post your story in the comments section of this post

·       Include your word count (or be excluded from judging)

·       Include your Twitter handle or email (so we know how to find you)

·       The challenge is open 7 AM to 8 PM Mountain Time

·       The winner will be announced on Friday, depending on how early the judge gets up.

The prompt was:  “Nothing is what it says it is”

So, I had to write a story of 100-250 words with that prompt within the story.  The reader judge was Patricia Oak. Thanks, Patricia for liking my story!

Here is my story below.

“You know, nothing is what it says it is.” Domenica commented as she held the box of Trojans.

Mindy couldn’t stop the grin spreading across her face as she watched Domenica frowning at the box of condoms. She swallowed and tried to keep her face as straight as possible knowing that the next question she asked would probably make Domenica say something that would have her laughing like a crazy woman in the middle of the grocery store.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, I once had this guy tell me to buy this exact box of condoms and…” Mindy waited as Domenica paused chewing on her bottom lip squinting at the box. After a few long moments, Mindy sighed.


“It just goes to show that some think they’re choosing what’s the right size and well when you get there and you’re all excited. You get a big letdown. Because honestly it’s all in their…um…head.”

Mindy giggled.

“He said he was a Magnum.”

Domenica turned to look at Mindy with a smirk on her full lips and her green eyes twinkling.

“Girl, he was the size of a jalapeno and I say that with the utmost reverence.” For more effect Mindy watched Domenica wiggle her pinky. There was a gasp behind them and Mindy turned to see an older blue haired lady who looked scandalized say ‘Well I never!’

Domenica winked, “And she probably never will.”

Leave it to Domenica to make grocery shopping a day of fun.

I recommend that writers do this.  It’s fun and makes you think on your feet.  I also recommend that readers go check this out as there are some excellent stories from fantastic authors.

Honorable Mention in a Flashfiction Contest!

I decided to write a flash fiction short (it had to be 100-250 words) and play along with other fabulous authors on Siobhan Muirs blog for her #thursthreads.  The guest judge was none other than the fabulous Louisa Bacio!  If you haven’t read Siobhan Muir (http://www.siobhanmuir.com/) or Louisa Bacio (http://louisabacio.com/), I highly recommend them.  As I was saying, I entered with some other fabulous authors and got some great feedback and an honorable mention!  The prompt was: “That makes two of us.”  That sentence had to be incorporated into the story.

Here’s my entry below it is 249 words:


My God, we’d finally done it. We’d gotten past the negative comments of those saying that our love would never last and now here I stood next to my man as his Mrs. I was now Mrs.  David Magee. If you’d have asked me a year or two ago would I have thought this would happen, I’d have said no. I come from what some consider the wrong side of the tracks and the wrong shade of skin. We loved whom we loved. Besides we all bleed red don’t we? Our love happened and we embraced it fully. Today was a representation of our forever.
We continued to stare into each other’s eyes as if both of us thought the other would disappear if we blinked. When both our eyes started to burn and we couldn’t help but blink we did so together.
“I’m happy. ” I said as I looked into his baby blues.
“That makes two of us.”
He leaned in close and kissed my lips again right, there in front of God and country and I held on for dear life, trying to stifle the moan that escaped at his wonderful touch.
He chuckled softly, “Save that for tonight.”
“Nope, I’m saving it for when we get inside the limo.”
He laughed out loud. “Race you there!”
“You’re on!” Grabbing my train, I ran down the aisle with his hand in mine and cheers from the crowd fluttering down as flowers paved the way to our forever.

Here’s my feedback: http://www.siobhanmuir.com/siobhans-blog/thursthreads-week-245-winners

Here’s the original posts: http://www.siobhanmuir.com/siobhans-blog/thursthreads-tying-tales-together-week-245


And here is my beautiful award!  I will definitely play along again!  Writers, I recommend doing it.  It makes you think quick on your feet.  Readers, I recommend you read all the fabulous stories.

Yes Sir—250 word Flash Fiction by Nikki Prince

I tried my hand at flash fiction and found that I really loved it and will be trying it again.  Given a picture as a prompt this story was born.

Yes Sir

She looked at the rose on her hip. It was a beautiful fiery orange color such a contrast to her peaches and cream skin color. Master had given it to her and said if she was good he’d reward her with the right to wear his collar. She peered over at him as he stood at his easel painting what she assumed to be her. He’d placed her only in red panties, black silk stockings and the rose laying just so. He’d dressed her as tenderly as one would dress a doll.

“Don’t move…”

“I won’t Sir.”

“I know you won’t, because you’re a good girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I can smell how wet you are. I won’t ease that ache until I am satisfied.”

She swallowed hard. Wanting to kiss him, to taste his full lips and become his and every way. This was a test and she’d excel at it. She’d been laying like this for over an hour. To be his, she’d lay there for as long as it took. His collar was the epitome of what she’d been striving for.

“Come here; look at what I’ve painted.” Getting up, she moved over to him, and gasped. He’d painted her and it was a perfect copy of how she’d been with one exception. In perfect color wrapped about her throat was his collar. Then she felt the cool leather as he placed the real thing on her neck and his arms pulling her close.

“You’re mine.”


It was featured on Michel Prince’s blog along with some other authors flashes…do stop by: http://www.michelprincebooks.com/1/post/2012/08/adding-just-a-flash-of-color-to-end-the-summer.html