Massage Your Way To A Better Sex Life By Dahlia DeWinters

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Massage for Boosting your Sex Life You’ve got your essential oil love massage mix and you’re ready to go, right? Not quite. There is a way to apply these “magical” oils so that they reach their maximum effect on both partners. Welcome to the world of erotic massage. Before we begin….this is a small point, but one that many may overlook. Be sure your hands are smooth. No hangnails, no jagged dry cuticles. The skin can be very sensitive and a scratch from dry skin can ruin the mood in a heartbeat. Set the atmosphere: Light candles (be careful with open flames). You may also drape sheer, colored cloth over a lamp, or even use a colored light bulb. Turn on some music to put you in the mood. Burn incense that complements the massage scents that you will be using. Strip down. Period. This is not the time to be worried about flaws. It’s you and your partner and that’s all that counts. Warm the oil between your hands before applying to your partner’s back. My oil of choice is food-grade virgin coconut oil. I highly, highly recommend it. Not only does it have lovely slip and glide, it is edible, and good for you too, if you choose to …lick it. In addition, it’s non-allergenic and won’t sting the sensitive parts. Stroke the skin of the back in warm, slow waves. Use your body weight as pressure (modify as necessary). Don’t tire your arms out, you’ll need them for later. The point of erotic massage is to bring your skin in contact with your partner’s as much as possible. A kiss at the nape of the neck, on the jawbone, anywhere you like will heighten the sensation. Switch places and enjoy the pampering. Soon you both will be smelling of a lovely tropical oil, have well conditioned skin and a very good time in the bedroom. Safe Sex tip: Use polyurethane condoms, such as Durex Avanti Polyurethane as latex condoms may be weakened by the oil. Have fun! 

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