The Power of Four

Hi all I was tagged to do this meme by Dahlia Dewinters @  Thank you Dahlia!  Here are mine:

Wasn’t sure if I should make up an entirely different list so I just used yours. :)
Four Places I have worked/Jobs I have had
Kmart Store Clerk
PDC clerk
Police Dispatcher
Community Service Coordinator
Four Places I Have Lived:
Philippines–Clark Air Force Base
Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany
Mississippi–Biloxi Keesler AFB
Alabama –Montogmery Gunter AFB
Four Movies I Could Watch Again and Again:
Independence Day
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Jurassic Park
Four Television Shows I Watch (Don’t really watch that much TV)–neither do I Dahlia
Killer Trails on ID
The Walking Dead (HBO)
River Monsters
Four Authors I Enjoy:
Delilah Hunt
Avril Ashton
Shyla Colt
Louisa Bacio
Four Places I Have Travelled To:
Las Vegas
Long Beach Aquarium
LA Zoo
Renaissance Faire Irwindale, CA
Four Websites I Visit Daily:
Four Blogs I Visit Weekly:Wow too many to list them all…but here are a few
my author blog:
69 shades of smut
my review blog–epically romantic
Four of My Favorite Foods:
Cheese cake
Grilled Tilapia
Grilled Chicken
Sweet Potato pie
Four Places I’d Rather Be:
Four People I Want to Tag:
Bella Rosso
Jennifer Kamptner
Shyla Colt
If you’ve been tagged, make your own list and link back to this post. Have fun with it and happy Sunday.