Six Sentence Sunday 6 from Demon Mine.

Meet the characters from Demon Mine

In celebration of having finally finished my WiP Demon Mine (still have edits and polishing) I have decided to do another 6 from it. Hope you enjoy!


She drug her nails across his stomach once more watching as his cock jerked. A shiver traveled through her body as his hand cupped her ass and then he trailed finger down the crack of her ass.

“You’re playing with fire Lili.”

 “No more than you are Samael. Not my fault you decide to ask twenty questions while we are naked in bed together.” Moving down his body, she placed her hand at the base of his cock, tightening her grip as she stroked him.

I hope you have enjoyed this little snippet of Demon Mine.

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About Author Nikki

Nikki Prince is a mother of two, who’s always had a dream to be a published author in the romance genre. Her passion lies in raising her children as readers, gaming, cooking, reading and her writing. Her mother can now breathe easy about the child who used to get in trouble because she was hiding books everywhere and reading when it wasn’t appropriate. Nikki’s a multi-published author with several epublishing houses. She loves to write Interracial romances in all genres, but wants to let everyone know to not box her in, because there is always room for growth.

19 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday 6 from Demon Mine.

  1. Ceri Hebert says:

    Time for a cold shower. Well done!

  2. Hehe thanks Ceri glad you liked!Francesca I tried my best!

  3. That’s a pretty hot six, Nikki!

  4. Zee Monodee says:

    Very hot six! And I love the power play here 🙂

  5. Thank you Melissa trying my best. 🙂 Zee I am glad you think so…and I love power play don’t you?

  6. Ana Hart says:

    Very hot! Congrats on finishing the WiP and thanks for sharing!

    -Ana Hart from XOXO and All That Jazz

  7. Eden Connor says:

    *tosses confetti* It must be nice to be finished (envy). Great six, Nikki, I adore these characters 😉

  8. Whew! Hot six! Nice! Shared 🙂

  9. Cora Blu says:

    you’re just cruel. Then you have pictures…cruel girl just cruel.

    Cora Blu

  10. Ana thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I stopped by your blog too.

    Eden my girl thank you as always for your support!

    Jennifer thank you chica for stopping by and sharing.

    Cora Blu sorry to be so cruel I could not resist!

  11. Whooooo! *fanning self* Great six!

  12. Maria D. says:

    That was a hot six ….thanks for sharing:)

  13. Iced tea and a cold shower needed, dayum!
    Love your six, dear! And the pics add so nicely ;c) YUM

  14. Krystal hehe thank you!

    Maria D you’re welcome and thank you for reading.

    Tempeste Thank you…and I wanted you all to see what I envision them to look like.

  15. Paula Martin says:

    Hot six, Nikki! And congrats on finishing the WIP.

  16. Paula thank you! Glad you liked it!

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